Who We Are:

We Are A Research Service Provider

The ACRS Team

ACRS was founded, is managed and operated by a team of professionals with backgrounds and experience in the medical device development industry, diagnostic cardiac monitoring, information systems technology development and telecommunications. The ACRS team members have significant experience in the design, management and operation of clinical trials and projects with industry leading developers and contract service providers.

The Company

ACRS is a contract research service provider. ACRS is a 7 X 24 hour monitoring center offering technology and services to the pharmaceutical & medical device industries, contract research and academic research organizations world wide.

What We Do:

Centralized data collection and analysis

ACRS provides data capture devices, experienced & certified clinical staff, 7 X 24 hour telecommunications availability and information systems technology to efficiently conduct remote patient or in clinic data capture, data transfer, data analysis, storage and data delivery to the contracted clinical study sponsor. Centralized data collection and analysis is a more cost effective, efficient and verifiable method of data collection and analysis than historical methods.

As every development project is unique, ACRS provides dedicated project staff to ensure attention to detail as well as the flexibility necessary to accommodate rapid, complex project developments.

Agility Centralized Research Services
2275 Half Day Road, Suite 133
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Phone: (847)374-1260
Fax: (847)374-1702
Toll-free: (800)453-4126